About Us

Hello!  I am Ed Garcia, the proud owner of Garcia and Son Electric, Inc.  When I founded this company, I wanted the name to honor both my dad and my son.  They are two people who have helped form the way that I see the world and the way that I live my life. Together, they inspired how I would run my business.  My dad taught me that hard work and integrity always pay off, while my son is a constant reminder that life is bigger than just me.
My company goal is to be respected for quality installations and honest work.  We are here to help. We can be trusted from the moment we give the estimate to the time we send out the final invoice.When you receive an estimate from Garcia and Son Electric, Inc. it will be firm and accurate. I don’t low ball in order to get the job.  I am honest with you from the very start, as I expect you would be with me.